Keith Otto

Software Developer

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I am a Software Developer with significant experience working on successful and high volume websites and web applications for notable clients such as Expedia and Travelocity. I am a full stack developer and my expertise is in LAMP environments, including deploying scalable applications in AWS with services such as Elastic Beanstalk and S3. I am completely proficient in PHP (14 years experience), OOP, MVC design patterns, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (12 years of experience).  I work with several leading PHP frameworks as well as several lesser known but completely incredible frameworks. I am continuously learning and keeping up with emerging technologies through online courses and by attending Developer’s Conferences. When you start to think of your dogs as Objects with methods and properties, you know you are a true Software Developer:


use \Menagerie\Dogs\ItalianGreyhound as CrazyDog;

$Dasher = new CrazyDog( "white" );

if( $Dasher->isHungry() ){
     $Dasher->feed( "Iams" );

$Dasher->setScold( "Daily", "Don't potty in the house!!!" );


JLE Industries

Full Stack Developer

LAMP and front end development for JLE Industries transportation logistics software. I create mapping with Mapbox and highly interactive charts in D3.js. I help develop the software and mapping to handle scheduling and routing for over 200 flatbeds. Our scheduling site is dynamic, retrieving flatbed gps locations and updating maps regularly.

Myers Media Group

Software Developer

LAMP and front end development for MMG enterprise SEO products and services helping develop the core components of the MMG organic search marketing infrastructure. We work with big data sources (60+ million rows in MySQL). Our sites often times have 1-2 million pages. Some of the projects I have contributed significantly to at MMG:


Ramble Interactive

Software Developer

I ran my own company for awhile, offering a variety of services. Web design and development specializing in PHP and Linux environments. Front end and server side development. AWS and Elastic Beanstalk development. Native IOS and Android App development with Lua. Some of my projects at RI:

The San Diego Union Tribune

Web Developer

I developed the core framework for the UT website's high impact advertising units in Google DFP. The main focus was on easily configurable ads with responsive design using current technologies. In the end, the UT had an easy way of delivering almost any type of ad they could imagine selling, including video pushdowns, expanding videos, video banner ads, and interstitials.


The North County Times

Web Developer

Web development for NCT concentrating on all multimedia based initiatives for for in-house and client needs. Responsible for concepts, design and production. Created high revenue interactive ad campaigns, multimedia online special sections, photo galleries and streaming audio/video features. Developed our in-house ad ticketing system written in PHP. Created the NCT ad platform for delivering advertisements to the site.


Cal State Fullerton

1988 - 1993


134 units in the studies of a Computer Science, Graphic Arts, and Multimedia, as well as general education.



This is a travel booking site for Australia which we created at MMG. It was the first project I participated in at MMG. I worked on a few of the widgets as well as the theme and I am proud to say I am currently building a complete Wotif Rental Cars site for them similar to Travelocity Rental Cars.

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I did a lot of work on this site for MMG. I did the FaceBook login integration to search flight deals according to a user's FaceBook profiling among other things. I also created a special widget to offer last minute flight deals which expire after a certain period of time.

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Travelocity Rental Cars

I built out most of Travelocity Rental Cars for MMG, including the entire theme and many of the widgets including the car vendor pickup location widget which locates a car vendor for you based on geo IP. 

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frankie mad final

Run Frankie Run

This is an iOS game I built and it is based off of my dog, which is probably ridiculous. But I figured, if you can create game artwork, write plot lines and storyboards, program, write and record original music and sound effects, and make an iOS game, why not create a game based off of your dog. Am I right?!

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Ramble Interactive

I built this site years and years ago, mainly to showcase my mobile games and goof off and be creative, and also as a learning experience. It's old but still alive and kicking, and if I must say so myself, sort of fun. Where else are you going to learn how to make home made chicken jerky for dogs AND get some fun game art all in one place?

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I'm sort of a techie, which is understandable considering I'm completely involved in tech. So I thought it would be fun to create a little tech blog as a hobby. And then I tied it in with Amazon using their Product Advertising API to grab the best selling products based off of keywords in my blog post. Warning: You must have a sense of humor to read my posts, or don't take them too seriously :-)

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The Venue Report

At Myers Media Group, we created an SEO site for The Venue Report to increase traffic. I contributed to styling and widget development.

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